Lobuloplasty/Ear Lobe Repair
  • Wearing heavy earrings can lead to elongation of earlobe holes.
  • Surgery for enlarged earlobes also known as lobuloplasty (ear lobe repair) is performed under local anesthesia and typicallytakes 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Lobuloplasty involves cutting the skin inside the elongated or torn part of ear lobe with an ablative laser. The freshened edges are sutured together and stiches removed after 7-10 days. The post procedure scars are barely noticeable.
  • You can get new piercings after 2 months of surgery. The piercing is done slightly away from the repaired site.
  • As a service to our patients, we provide complimentary ear lobe piercing two months following lobuloplasty.
Wart Removal

Warts often disappear without any treatment, especially in children get warts. Although warts are mostly harmless, dermatologists do remove them.

Dermatologists may use multiple methods for removal of wartsdepending on patient’s age, site of wartand the wart type.

  • 80-90% TCA Application: TCA (trichloro-acetic acid) chemically cauterizes the wart
  • Cryotherapy: cryotherapy (freezing) is not too painful but sometimes can cause pigmentation in people with dark skin. It may require repeated treatments.
  • Electrosurgery and curettage: Electrosurgery (cautery) for common wartsand foot warts. Curettage involves scraping off the wart with a sharp blade or a spoon-shaped instrument.
  • Excision: The dermatologist may cut the wart (excision).

    For difficult to treat warts, the dermatologist may use:

  • Laser treatment: CO2 Laser treatment under local/topical anesthesia.
  • Bleomycin: it is the treatment of choice for periungual/subungual warts. Can also be used for multiple planter warts
  • Immunotherapy: This treatment requires the patient’s own immune system to destroy the warts, for resistant warts.
Skin Tags Removal

Acrochordons are harmless and are removed only for comfort or cosmesis either by excision, electrocautery (burning), and cryosurgery (freezing).

Skin tags can be surgically removed with a CO2 laser using local or topicalanaesthetic.Burning skin tags can cause temporary discoloration of skin.

Never attempt to remove skin tags on your own because they can bleed heavily.


Cryosurgery (Cryotherapy) is an effective treatment option for a broad range benign growth. Lesions suitable for freezing include acrochordons (skin tags), seborrheic keratosis (DPN), viral warts and molluscumcontagiosum. Cryosurgery is an in-office procedure, requires little preparation time, low infection risk, minimal wound care and no requirement of injectable anesthesia.

Potential side effects include blister formation,pigmentary change, and rarely scarring. Most skin lesions can be treated in a single session, although some may require several treatments.

Corn Removal

Corns and calluses are formed by built up of hard skin resulting from repeated trauma and pressure. corns are well demarcated, deep and very painful. medical management of corns with keratolytics/corn paintsis not usually effective. The hard, translucent whitish-yellow core at the center of corns, when removed mechanically with laser provides prompt relief. Surgical excision of corns under local anesthesia is performed when medical management fails.

Ear Piercing With a Piercing Gun

A piercing gun looks like a mini staple or glue gun. It shoots the earring into your ear lobe. No anesthesia is required. Usually the earring is a sterile "stud," which is a small metal post with a ball on the end. The procedure is very fast, and feels like a pinch for a few seconds.