Tips to prevent recurrence of fungal infection Lifestyle Modification

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  • Shower regularly and dry yourself completely before dressing
  • Avoid wearing tight garments such as jeans, leggings and jeggings. Wear loose fitting cotton garments
  • Don’t share your bed linen, towel and clothes.
  • Dry the clothes inside out. Wear well dried inner garments after about 3-4 days of washing if ironing is not possible.
  • To reduce fungal spore load in the immediate environment; dust, wet mop or vacuum the house and clean with soap and detergent.
  • Remove waistband, wristband etc.
  • In case of tinea cruris or jock itch, (fungal infections in the groin area), wear “boxer shorts” instead of the tight fitting ones(Frenchie) that hug the groin and cut into it.
  • Wear non-occlusive (open-loose) footwear like sandals etc. if possible.
  • Sensitize people about the morbidities associated with obesity and encourage them to lose weight.
  • Regular removal of hair on genitalia.
  • Keeping scalp clean and do not share combs, hairbrushes, hats or helmets.

Household hygiene

  • Vacuuming is considered the best method if possible.
  • Wet moping may be ideal in our country.
  • Washable surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly with detergent soap and hot water.
  • This should be repeated at least once daily for 4-6 weeks until all affected persons have eliminated fungal infection.

Treatment given by doctor

Please consult your dermatologist for any fungal infection and take your medicine as advised by your dermatologist.

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