Xanthelasma palbebrum


Xanthelasmas are plane xanthomas that develop around the eyes.

Associated diseases

Xanthelasmas are seen in Familial Hypercholesterolemia, type III hyperlipoproteinaemia and chronic cholestasis, but are also seen in people with normal circulating lipid levels.

Clinical features

Upper eyelids and medial canthus are the most commonly affected areas. They are relatively soft and color range from pale yellow to yellow orange.

Complications and comorbidities

Xanthelasmaisan independent predictor of coronary heart disease.


Full lipid profile and liver function test.


Xanthelasmasarea cosmetic problem. Treatments options include surgical excision, topical trichloracetic acid, electrocauteryor CO2 lasers. They may often recur after treatment.

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