Teledermatology: Essentiality In Lockdown Period For Continuing Practice

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Covid19 has been declared a pandemic by World Health Organizations. People are asked to stay in the house. In such a scenario, a lesser number of patients are visiting the dermatologists. Dermatologists may provide consultations through teledermatology. For getting a consultation, search for the best dermatologist in Dwarka.

What Is Teledermatology?

The term ‘teledermatology’ was coined in the year 1995 by two dermatologists, Perednia and Brown. Teledermatology is the technical assistance given to the dermatologists to continue their practice through various modes of communication. The exchange of medical information and the discussion may occur through visual, data and audio communication.

Teledermatology is not only applied for providing consultation but has also found its application in the field of education and dissemination of information. Like other areas of teleconsultation, teledermatology also works on two different techniques. First is the store and forward in which the information is stored at a server and is processed on request at a later date. The other is real-time interaction in which the patients interact directly with the dermatologists.

What Are The Applications Of Teledermatology?

Following are the various applications of teledermatology:

Direct consultation: Direct consultation is one of the most important and primary applications of teledermatology. In this system, the patient directly gets in contact with dermatologists for consultation. The doctor, by viewing the condition of the patient and asking certain questions, the dermatologists may prescribe medications for patients.

Follow-up: Certain dermatological conditions such as ulcers require a two-week follow-up. Follow-up through teledermatology after either a physical or virtual consultation may help saving time and money for the patient.

Referrals and Second opinion: Certain General Practitioners, who are not dermatology experts, may also refer and get information about the disease and management.

Online educations and informative services: Teledermatology also play an important role in online education. Various Universities have started their online courses on dermatology.

What Diseases Can Be Managed Through Teledermatology?

Following are some of the diseases that can be managed through teledermatology:

Acne: It is the most common condition among teenagers. The condition is characterized by inflamed pimples that may be filled with pus.

Vitiligo: Vitiligo is the condition in which the skin loses its color. It may occur at any part of the body. Hairs may also affect by this disease.

Skin infection: Skin infection can be caused due to bacteria and fungus. Skin infections are characterized by redness of skin and rashes.

Viral warts: Viral warts are caused due to the infection of the Human Papilloma Virus. The infection may occur on any part of the body.

Dermatitis: Dermatitis is inflammation of the skin. The skin, in this condition, becomes red, swollen, and dry.

Herpes Zoster: Varicella-zoster virus reactivates to cause herpes infection. It is characterized by painful, self-limiting rashes

Why Is It Important In Current Scenario Of Lockdown Due To Covid19?

Most of the countries, as of today due to Covid19 have ordered a lockdown. WHO had classified this disease as a pandemic. In such a scenario, the practice of dermatologists through physical patients is reduced. The period for the continuation of such a situation is unpredictable. Thus, dermatologists have now shifted over to other forms of delivering consultations and follow-up advice. Teledermatology helps the doctors in maintaining a relationship with adequate customers and customers also get the consultation for the disease well in time without moving out of their house.

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Laser Hair Removal During Summer

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Laser hair removal during summer is quite tricky. The season may aggravate certain side effects of laser hair removal procedure. However, with adequate precaution and care, removing hair during summer can be done without any discomfort. For best results, contact the well-known clinic for laser hair removal in Dwarka.

Hair Removal During Summer

Laser hair removal is a wonderful option for getting rid of hairs at least for a considerable period. It avoids the need for daily or weekly removal of body hairs. Getting rid of the unwanted hair is more important in summer as there is a significant shift from the fully covered body clothes in winter to shorts and sleeveless dress in summer.

Laser hair removal is done through advanced technology. In cases of hair removal in summer, advanced technology has fewer side effects as compared to the technology used a few years back.

Laser hair removal helps in almost permanent removal of unwanted hairs as compared to sugaring, shaving, plucking or waxing which are relatively temporary methods of hair removal.

People who are having dark-colored hair with lighter skin complexion are the best candidate for laser hair removal as the laser targets the dark pigments of hair.

It is also to be noted that because of the side effects associated with laser hair removal procedure, the person should undergo this process through a hair removal expert within a setting with adequate infrastructure and technology.

Side Effects Of Laser Hair Removal During Summer

Laser hair removal has certain side effects. According to the experts, the risk of side effects further increases if proper preventive measures are not followed before and after the treatment. There some side effects of laser hair removal in summer, however, with proper care, these can be prevented or at least minimized. Following are some of the side effects:

Prolonged care: Prolonged care of the skin is required before, in between and after the laser hair removal procedure.

Increased sensitivity to the sun: Laser hair removal procedure increases the sensitivity towards the sun. During summer, the skin is significantly exposed and this may aggravate the general side effects of this procedure such as irritation, and redness.

Increased irritation due to sweating: Sweating is a natural process during the summer season. Sweat contains a variety of chemicals. These chemicals, when it comes in contact with the surface that had undergone hair removal, it may lead to increased irritation.

Increased likelihood of pigment changes: There is an increased risk of discoloration of the treated skin due to sun exposure. The situation may also lead to pigmentation problems.

Inference due to tanned skin: Skin in summer may tan due to prolonged solar exposure. When patients with tanned skin undergo a laser hair removal process, this may interfere with the efficacy of the procedure. This is because of the reason that the laser hair removal process works on the pigment contrast i.e. the hair colors are dark as compared to skin. However, in people with tanned skin, there is little difference between hair color and skin color.

Safe Hair Removal In Summer: Some Tips

Following are some of the tips that will help in reducing the side effects of laser hair removal process during summer:

  • Do not undergo the procedure if you have tanned skin.
  • Limit the solar exposure of the skin.
  • Use high-quality sunscreen.
  • Take good care of the skin before and after the treatment.
  • Avoid performing laser on regularly exposed skin.
  • Prefer underarm and bikini area for the process during summer.
  • Allow the time for the skin to heal.
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Microneedle Radiofrequency Treatments

Microneedle Radiofrequency Treatments For acne scars

The Endymed Intensifis the first FDA cleared non-insulated Microneedling Radiofrequency technology. EndyMed’s 3DEEP RF technology along with Intensif’s smooth, gliding motorized needle insertion offers comfortable, smooth and fast continuous operation mode. The Intensif MNRF’s non-insulated gold needles and EndyMed’s Fractional Pulse Mode technology, generates heat into the dermis for collagen remodeling and skin tightening. Endymed Intensif’smicroneedles require less frequent passes per treatment, shorter treatment duration with greater patient comfort, and quick recovery times.

The Intensif MNRF needle depth is adjustable ranging from 0.5mm to 3.5mm. Endymed intensif microneedling radiofrequency is the perfect solution for treating acne scars, deep wrinkles, stretch marks, and improving skin texture. Significantly visible initial results, are followed by continuous skin improvement, even after the completion of sessions.

The Intensif is the most advanced microneedle radiofrequency technology today. Endymed’s unique 3DEEP patented technology delivers Rf energy 3 layers deep into the dermis, boosting collagen production to remove wrinkles and to lift and tighten the skin.

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Different types of chemical peels benefits

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The importance of beautiful skin:

Beautifully glowing skin is everyone’s dream come true, because skin that look good, makes you feel and look years younger than your age. And who wouldn’t revel in this feeling, right? When you have skin that looks beautiful it naturally enhances all the other feature in your face, making you look pretty, which in turn will help you feel confident about yourself. And this confidence will then be translated into whatever you do.

This is the reason why so many people are on the hunt for some of the best dermatological treatments which are available in the market, so that they can achieve the desired result of skin which has an eve tone and is blemish free.

What are chemical peels?

Although there a number of treatment options available for those who are looking to rejuvenate their skin, chemical peels are by far one of the most popular treatments that people opt for and request from their dermatologist in Dwarka today. Chemicals peels are a tope of skin care treatment which involves the application of a chemical solution on the surface of your skin, which then causes the formation of minute blisters on the skin which helps to exfoliate the skin. This exfoliated layer then peels off, exposing the new skin underneath which will be smoother and with less blemishes than your previous skin. This is the reason why a chemical skin peel procedure is also known as a skin resurfacing procedure.

Chemical peels are most commonly used on the skin to treat a variety of skin conditions like wrinkling of the skin, pigmentation on the skin as well as scars. This type of treatment is used to improve the appearance of the skin by removing all the dead and damaged cells which lie right on top. Application of chemical peels can be done all on its own or it can also be done in combination with other procedures.

Benefits of chemical peel treatment:

The benefits of using chemical peels include exposing a fresh new layer of skin, therefore your skin looks instantly rejuvenated. Along with helping your skin look youthful, it also helps reduce any discoloration or uneven skin tone that is present and helps to slowly reduce any blemishes which may be present. Some people have also found a solution to acne treatment with the use of chemical skin peels.

The different types of chemical skin peels:

There are 3 different chemical skin peel types for you to choose from, they include the light, medium and deep chemical skin peels.

The light peel is your quick fix solution to mild problems such as uneven skin tone, acne, dry skin and fine wrinkling of the skin. This involves exfoliation of the cells form the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis.

The medium peel involves removal of the cells from the epidermis as well as the upper half of the layer which lies underneath it called the dermis. It penetrates greater depth and is used to treat problems which are more severe such as deep pigmented scars or extensive acne, and even highly uneven skin and deep wrinkles.

The deep skin peel requires the use of general anesthesia as it involves the removal of cells from the epidermis as well as most of the dermis, and this layer is sensitive to pain. This is used to treat conditions like precancerous growths, very deep wrinkles and scars. This procedure is highly specialized and can be carried out only by a skin specialist in Dwarka.

Is a chemical skin peel the right type of treatment for you?

Although you may be excited about this form of treatment and cant wait to get it done in order to achieve youthful looking skin, you need to consult with your skin specialist before you undergo the procedure. Because there are certain skin conditions which benefit immensely from this form of treatment and they include:

  • The presence of any type of scar on the face.
  • The presence of hyperpigmentation and Melasma, which is a condition where people develop brown or grey colored patches on their skin.
  • Skin which has been damaged as a result of exposure to sunlight, which may include darkening of the skin or even precancerous lesions.
  • Ageing and wrinkled skin.

If you have any of the above mentioned skin conditions, then you are an ideal candidate to undergo the chemical skin peel treatment. But that being said you cannot expect the effects of this treatment to be visible immediately following the procedure. It takes between 1 to 2 weeks for your kin to start healing following the procedure and the results to start showing. Some people who have severe skin conditions to be treated may require up to 2 or 3 skin peel treatments in order to correct the problem.

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Skin Hydration In Acne

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A Forgotten Aspect While Fighting Acne

  • Healthy and glowing skin needs a balance of Oil and Water.
  • Inadequate hydration of the skin can often lead to flare-ups of skin diseases like acne.
  • Oily skin lacks water and by replenishing this component, the skin looks healthier.

Ways to keep skin Hydrated and Healthy

  • Use a mild cleaner to remove sebum, dirt, and from the skin
  • Immediately after cleansing, apply a moisturizer to hydrate the skin
  • Protect the skin from harmful Ultraviolet rays by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day.

Ask your dermatologist/skin specialist for the right moisturizer that suits your skin type.

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Skin Care Tips in Winter

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Keep a mild cleanser with you to prevent dust, oil and dead cells from settling on your skin. This will rehydrate the skin and keep it looking fresh, healthy and clean.

Moisturizer and makeup

Low humidity dries up your skin. Choose a good moisturizer and good quality makeup depending on your skin type. Always remember to clean your makeup before going to sleep.

Balance your calories

What you eat reflects not only on your belly, but also on your hair and skin. A handful of dry fruits every day, particularly walnuts and almonds are a healthy snack .

Cosmetic Procedures

For that extra glow during the party season, there are procedures such as Microdermabrasion, HydraFacial and Chemical Peels available at the clinic.

Apply sunscreen every day

Sunscreens protect the skin from harmful effects of UV radiation. They prevent sunburn and signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and leathery skin.

Use skincare products that match your skin’s needs

What’s your skin type – oily, dry, normal, combination or sensitive? Do you have a skin condition? Using products formulated for your skin’s needs will help your skin look and feel it’s best.

See a dermatologist if you don’t like anything about your skin

When it comes to skin, dermatologist is the expert. They have expertise to help people safely care for their skin. They also diagnose and treat a multitude of skin problems.

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The solution to permanent hair removal from dermatologist in dwarka

laser hair removal in Dwarka

In the yesteryears body was not an issue for most people, but with time as people became conscious of how they look, they realized that removing body hair helped them to improve their appearance. They began to understand the value having that flawless silky smooth skin every time they step out. With time there were many tried and tested methods which people used for the removal of body hair, such as shaving, waxing and the use of an epilator. But these are all temporary methods of hair removal, and even though it may give you a few days of relief from having to see the hair growing on your body, you will have to go through the routine of having to remove them, on a frequent basis.

This is why laser treatment for the removal of body hair has become so popular, because with multiple session, laser treatment reduceyour hair growth to almost zero, and you will be saved from the trouble of having to undergo various other treatments in order to keep removing your body hair from time to time.

Why you should choose laser hair removal:

Most people are always left wondering if laser hair removal method is superior to the more conventional methods such as shaving and waxing. And the answer is yes, it is more effective than these methods especially when it is carried out by a dermatologist in Dwarka. This is because, one, it is a more permanent method of hair removal, two, it’s definitely more cost effective, three its time saving and four it’s painless and hassle free. All of the above mentioned factors are what’s pushing more and more women to opt for laser treatment as the preferred method of hair removal. It has revolutionized the way women deal with body hair, and although the effectiveness and safety of the laser hair removal has been well established, how well you, as an individual respond to the treatment depends on several factors, which include:

Hair color:

Although skin color doesn’t affect the way laser hair removal in Dwarka works the color of your hair does play a role. Because laser treatment targets the pigment called melanin which is present in our skin and hair, and is what gives the color to our hair skin. Therefore the growth of black/brown can be easily reduced with about 6 sessions whereas white/blonde hair is more difficult to deal with, and we cannot guarantee a permanent reduction and how many sessions will be involved for this.

The region of your body:

The effectiveness of laser treatment for removal of body hair also depends on the area of your body you are targeting. Some of the more common places where people prefer to have the hair permanently removed includes the upper lip, face, bikini line, underarms, arms and legs and back, and sideburns in women, as well as chest and back in men. Underarm and bikini line hair are more easily treated than facial hair which takes up to about 6 sessions to be treated effectively.

Patience is required:

When you plan to undergo laser hair removal treatment you need to be patient. Because the desired result cannot be achieved immediately with this. After the first session you may experience some swelling and redness in the region where the laser was applied which will only last for a couple of days. Following this only about 20% of hair will be permanently destroyed whereas the rest of it will slowly grow back over a period of 4 to 6 weeks after which time you will be asked to come for your next session.

The availability of home devices:

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to get it done in the privacy of your home rather than multiple visits to the dermatologist, home devices are also available for us when it comes to laser hair removal. Although they may be slower than the professional ones used in dermatological clinics, they have been approved by the FDA and are now considered safe and effective.

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You need a dermatologist to make you look younger

Skin specialist in Dwarka

Our skin plays an important role in helping us look young and beautiful. The natural process of ageing is such that with time our skin loses its glow and healthy look. And we begin to look our age. Everyone wants to be able to look younger than their age, and having healthy skin that looks younger is one way to achieve this. But since the ageing of skin is a natural process, youcan’tcontrol it, and there is no way you can avoid this other than trying to slow down the process by taking care of your skin in a better manner.

How can we ensure our skin looks young?

There is no hard and fast solution to making your skin look young and healthy. But the superiority of modern day science has ensured that there are many options available, when it comes to the different methods using which you can make your skin look younger, and slow down the process of ageing. The newer technologies that are being made use of in the field of dermatology means that your dermatologist in Dwarka will, be able to achieve excellent results when it comes portraying your skin in the best manner.

From celebrities to the common man, looking their best at all times has become very important to people. Because we now live in a world where our appearance speaks volumes to the people surrounding us, before we can even start a conversation with them. Therefore it is important to portray your personality through the way you look, and send out an important message to people. And the advancement of modern day dermatology is such that you can enter your doctor’s clinic with one appearance and leave the clinic looking completely different. For the better of course.

So for those who are looking to combat the adverse effects of ageing on their skin, then a visit to the dermatologist is warranted. Because they will have the solution to the problems you are facing with regard to your skin. From non-invasive methods to surgical procedures there are a wide range of treatments methods available for you. Which one will suite you best and ensure that you have the solution to your problematic skin will have to be decided following a consultation with your dermatologist, during which they will be able to assess what problems you are suffering from. Some of the more common treatments methods which are carried out in the modern day dermatology clinics for ageing skin include:

  • Skin tightening – this is by far one of the most common procedures carried out in skin clinics, because with age sagging skin becomes a major issue for most people. And sagging skin can be an eyesore to look at as well. In order to solve this problem, dermatologists make use of radio frequency which is applied to skin in the areas where it is sagging in order to tighten the skin. This procedure has to be done three to four times in order to achieve the desired result and these changes will become apparent only a few months after the final treatment has been done.
  • A nose job – age doesn’t spare any part of your body and the nose is no exception. With age people will notice that their once thin, pointed nose has become wider and flatter. In order to correct this and give you your natural shape back, dermatologists make use of filler which is injected into the nasal bone, so that it returns to its natural shape.
  • A neck job – with age your neck muscles tend to enlarge, as a result of which it ends up pulling skin down along with it as well. This makes it look like you have a neck that is wider and sagging. Dermatologists make use of Botox injections in order to life the sagging muscles and skin in this region.
  • Laser treatment – laser treatment is fast becoming popular after filler injections and Botox. This is because laser treatment is painless and quite effective when it comes to reducing the crease lines present in your skin, and helping to even out your skin tone. Along with this when your skin undergoes laser treatment it will also help reduce hair growth.
  • Skin peels – chemical peels are applied to the skin in order to aid the exfoliation process of the skin. Which are an effective way of restoring the youngness of your skin, because it gets rid of old skin and exposes a layer of new skin. This way your scars and creases will disappear. It is an easy and pain free method which is preferred by most people. 
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All you need to know about Laser Treatment for removing body hair

Skin specialist in Dwarka

Dealing with facial and body hair on a frequent basis is something that most people find very annoying. If you are the person who loves to step out with that silky smooth, flawless looking skin, then you have obviously researched the various methods of hair removal no end, and are definitely curious to know more about Laser hair removal in Dwarka. We are going to be talking about laser treatment, and hope it answers all your questions!

Why you should choose laser treatment?

Most people are always pondering if laser treatment is a superior method of hair removal compared to the more traditional methods of razor, ready-made wax strips or waxing at the salon. Well, it is considered superior to the other methods, especially when it’s done by one of the best dermatologist in Dwarka, because, one, it is a more permanent method of hair removal, two, it’s definitely more cost effective, and three its time saving.

All these three factors are what’s pushing more and more women to opt for laser treatment in the recent times. And since it tends to stop your hair growth permanently or at least slow down the rate of hair growth considerable, you can go on for long periods of time without having to worry about shaving or waxing.

This will also save you the cost of multiple trips to the salon, for waxing and therefore is considered a worthwhile investment in the long run. With laser treatment, you will be saved the hassle and embarrassment of walking out with underarm stubble or a fluffy moustache on days when you just don’t feel like going through the trouble of removing your body hair.

What does laser treatment involve?

It’s a type of treatment where dermatologists use laser light to target a pigment known as melanin in our skin, which is buried deep within the hair follicle. When this pigment is heated up using laser light, it tends to damage the root of the hair follicle either completely or partially. This will then either eliminate your hair growth or dramatically reduce the rate of growth.

This treatment of damaging the root of the hair follicle cannot be achieved with a single session and will require multiple session of treatment in order to achieve the desired result. But you will be amazed at the end of it, how smooth and flawless your skin feels.

Is it equally effective in everyone?

Laser treatment can be carried out on everyone and for all skin types. But since it targets the pigment called melanin, it works well on those with light skin and dark hair. Because these people tend to have small amounts of melanin which is buried deep within the hair follicle. In those with darker skin, there is more melanin, which is present even in the top layers of the skin, so these top layers get heated during the laser treatment, it can sometimes burn the skin, and be less effective.

It must also be stated that laser treatment works best in some areas of the body, such as the legs, underarms and bikini, than in other areas such as the arms and face. This is due to the difference in the texture of the hair, as the latter contains thinner, softer hair, which is difficult to treat.

How often should laser treatment be done?

In order to complete your treatment with laser, you will mostprobably need between 5-10 sessions. Its, again dependent on the areas of your body which you want the treatment for. For your under arms and legs, it’s going to take fewer sessions than for your arms and face. Once the treatment has been completed, hair growth may be completely eliminated in some areas, but you may have certain areas where there is slow hair growth, and these will require occasional, additional sessions in order to clear them up completely.

Initially your sessions will be placed about once a month, or sometimes a little sooner like once in 2-3 weeks. And then it will slow down to about 4-6 week intervals, in order to keep up with the slow hair growth. You will be able to shave any hair that is growing back during these intervals.

Preparing for laser treatment:

In order to have optimal results, you should shave prior to having laser treatment, because the heat will then reach the base of the follicle effectively. But avoiding waxing is recommended. And in-between sessions you should try and avoid excessive sun exposure as this can darken your skin and increase the chances of your skin getting burnt.

What are the different types of lasers which are available?

The most common type used is the light sheer diode laser, which can be used across many skin types and is the preferred type amongst dermatologists. The other type is the long pulsed Nd:Yag laser, which is preferred for dark skin.

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What Is Submental Fullness (Double Chin)?

KYBELLA Treatment For Double Chin In West Delhi, dermatologist in Janakpuri, dermatologist in dwarka

Submental fullness or “Double Chin” is a collection of excessive fat beneath the chin, It can be due to genetics, or appeared after gaining weight or as you got older.

What Is KYBELLA Treatment?

KYBELLA is a FDA-approved injectable treatment to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called “double chin”.

How Does KYBELLA Work?

KYBELLA contains deoxycholic acid as the active ingredient, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body helping in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When deoxycholic acidis injected into the fat collection beneath the chin, it destroys the fat cells. Once destroyed by kybella treatment, they can no longer store or accumulate fat resulting in a noticeable reduction chin fullness and an improved chin profile.

How Many Treatments Sessions Are Required?

Your dermatologist will create a tailored treatment plan based on your chin profile. At each session, multiple small injections are given under your chin area. You may require4-6 treatment sessions, spaced 1 month apart. Many patients may experience visible results in 2 to 4 treatments.

What Are The Common Side Effects After KYBELLA Treatment?

The most common side effects after KYBELLA treatment are bruising, swelling, pain, redness, numbness, and areas of hardness around the injection site.

How Long Do The Treatment Results Last?

When KYBELLA is injected in to the chin fat, it causes permanent destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, they cannot accumulate orstore fat.

Is KYBELLA treatment Right For Me?

If you’re bothered by chin fullness “double chin” and want to avoid surgery, ask your dermatologist about KYBELLA.

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Acne is the main reason for people to Visit Dermatologist in Dwarka

Everyone dreams of shiny skin and beautiful face. Acne is the common problem of people in all ages and most commonly among teenagers. It is the same reason whined by more than 75% of patients who visit a dermatologist in Dwarka.

It can be explained as, acne is a skin condition that arises with your hair follicles in skin become over-plugged with oil and dead skin cells. Your face, forehead, shoulders, chest and upper back usually get affected by the symptoms of acne. The dermatologist in Dwarka has effective treatment methods, depending on the type of acne and its severity.

Symptoms of acne

These symptoms differ person to person and the specialized dermatologist in Dwarkais an expert in identifying the causes, treatments and preventions. You may be affected by one of the following symptoms and in search of the best dermatologist to treat your problem –

  • Pimples
  • Reddish and small bumps
  • Larger painful lumps
  • Pus-filled lumps
  • Itchy skin surface
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads

What are the common causes identified by the dermatologist in Dwarka?

Dermatologists have identified that age, hormonal changes within the body, family history, stress, using oily/greasy lotions or other substances on the skin and pressure on your skin such as tight collars, belts and helmets are the risk factors for you to get affected by acne. These cause –

  • Excessive oil production
  • Excessive hormonal production
  • Hair follicles being clogged by oil and dead skin cells
  • Development of bacteria, etc.

You may find, while some of the risk factors are preventable, many others are beyond our control. Acne are persistent and continue to appear over and over again until the preventive treatment is highly effective. You may be worried as it may be too late for you to cure your problem and recover your skin. Dermatologist in Dwarka, assure you the best treatment whatever your skin has gone through until now.

What treatments are given by the dermatologist in Dwarka?

The dermatologist has a 3-step process to completely cure your skin trouble.

  • As the first step, he will prescribe a treatment method to control your acne
  • Secondly, he will be more focused on removing unnecessary scarring and damages to your skin
  • Through the above 2 steps, he will make your acnes and scars gradually less noticeable

Dermatologists say, your commitment to the above process is also highly important as the effectiveness of the treatment. While it is the responsibility of the dermatologist to help cure your existing problem, it is your responsibility to make sure the problem does not repeat again.

Dermatologist in Dwarka gives you the best advice on the dos and don’ts and he make sure your continuous commitment by scheduling frequent follow-up sessions on your request. He would recommend topical and oral medications to correct your acne troubles and then to prevent from acnes recurring thereafter.

Do not get misled by the over-the-counter medications, when the dermatologist in Dwarka is available for appointments just next to you.

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Facial Rejuvenation with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Skin is made up of various components like collagen, elastin fibers and inter- cellular matrix that are responsible for its tautness and firmness. When exposed to various factors like sun, pollution and stress, the skin become dull, dry and friable, giving rise to age spots, open pores, wrinkles and fine lines.

Safe Procedures Recommended For Facial Rejuvenation

There are various treatment procedures that can delay the signs of skin aging and treat existing ones as well.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

PRP or vampire facial is recommended for skin and facial rejuvenation. It is a nonsurgical procedure which uses concentrated platelet growth factors processed from your own blood, to instruct the body to produce new collagen for tighter, smooth and toned skin.

Other Treatment Procedures

Various other treatments used for facial rejuvenation are Micro Needing radio frequency (EndyMedIntensif), Derma roller (collagen induction therapy), Mesotherapy, Fractional C02 rejuvenation and Medi-peels.

Pain Factor

PRP is a noninvasive treatment and it involves application of a topical anesthetic cream to numb the area being treated hence minimal or no pain is felt during the procedure.

Sessions Required

Around 3 sessions of PRP are recommended scheduled at monthly intervals to see expected results.

Possible Side Effects

There are absolutely no side effects. It’syour own blood which is processed and reintroduced in your body for the process of rejuvenation.

Precautions Before And After The Procedure

SUN EXPOSURE & HYDRATION: After PRP, skin hydration and sun protection are necessary. A daily routine skin care regimen should include a mild cleanser, good quality moisturizer and application of sunscreen at least twice a day.

What To Expect From The Treatment?

Smoother And Healthier Skin

Pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots, open pores dullness and other signs of skin aging are improved.

By stimulating the collagen and elastin production the skin become smoother and healthier giving a youthful appearance.


  • Non-Invasive
  • Low Pain Factor
  • Zero Downtime
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