Safe Technologies Used To Treat Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Treatment in Janakpuri

Stretch marks (striae) are long, thin white stripes on the skin that are caused by pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, and growth spurts during puberty. Rapid and excessive stretching of the skin leaves it no time to adjust and repair, leading to the breakdown of collagen fibers.

Safe Technologies Used To Treat Stretch Marks

Various treatment modalities are available that can reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the body. Unfortunately, no oral pills or topical OTC (over the counter) creams work satisfactorily on stretch marks.

Micro Needling Radio Frequency (Endymed Intensif)

This procedure uses tiny needles to create microscopic injuries in the skin, allowing new collagen formation (COLLAGEN INDUCTION THERAPY). New collagen formation leads to shrinkage and tightening of skin, reducing the appearance of the stretch marks.

Fractional Ablative Co2 Laser (Futura Rf 50)

Fractional CO2 laser delivers tiny pinpoints of laser light to the affected area on the skin in a net like distribution. The laser beams penetrate the skin and create micro wounds which kick-start the healing process by producing new collagen.This provides new strength to the skin and leads to tightening and shrinkage. Thus reducing the appearance of the stretch marks.


A numbing or anesthetic cream applied to the area prior to the procedurerenders it pretty comfortable. A mild pricking sensation may be experienced but it is easily tolerated by the patient.

Sessions Required

A minimum of 6-8 sessions are required, depending on the severity of stretch marks.

Possible Side Effects

Mild redness and swelling may appear post procedure, that usually fade off within few hours. When high energy levels are used for deep stretch marks, scabs or crustsformation may occur (similar to what we get after a wound), which shed off within 5 days.

Precautions Before And After The Procedure

Hair Removal: Treatment like waxing or laser hair removal should be avoided two weeks prior to the treatment.

Sun Exposure: Extended exposure to the sun after the procedure should be avoided.

Avoid any sort of work or physical exercise that will irritate the skin.

What To Expect From The Treatment?

Reduction of red (striaerubra) and white (striae alba) stretch marks along with improvement in the texture of skin. Gradual reduction in the severity and visibility of stretch marks is noticed with subsequent sessions.

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