Lifestyle tips to prevent acne

Perspiration can worsen acne. Wash your face after sweating.Cleanse your face with a cleanser no more than twice a day.
– Avoid scrubbing the skin, as it can worsen acne.
– Avoid touching your face frequently as excessive contact can cause flare ups.
– Avoid pucking, popping, or squeezing your acne. It takes a longer time to clear the skin and increases the risk of scars.
– Avoid sharing your make up and it’s applicators.
– Oil from hair can block pores and cause breakouts. Keep hair off your face and wash your hair regularly.
– Regularly wash your pillowcases, and other things that touch your acne prone skin.
– Stress can result in excess sebum production in the skin.Regular exercise can help manage stress.
– Ensure adequate, good quality sleep.

Tips to select skin care products for acne prone skin.

Blocked skin pores can lead to acne. Choose products that are labelled “non– – comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores.”
– Using harsh soaps and scrubbing your face can worsen acne. Be gentle with your skin. – Use a mild,non -comedogenic cleanser.
– Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer to prevent dryness and minimise skin peeling.
– If acne only appears on your forehead and temples, your hair oil may be the cause. Use hair oil only on your hair and not on the scalp.
– Oily makeup used to cover dark marks can cause new blemishes. Choose non-oily, non-comedogenic makeup.
– Daily use of Sunscreen will prevent pigmented area from becoming darker and help keep acne away.