Explore Various Technology-Oriented Acne Scar Removal Treatment In West Delhi

Acne scar removal in West Delhi, Dermatologist In Janakpuri

Pollution is one of the most important factors that contributes to the development of acne. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in India and people who are sensitive to this pollution encounters various health problems including acne which results in development of stubborn acne scar. Technology has redefined the way in which these acne scars aretreated. You should explore various technology-oriented option from dermatologist who is an expert in acne scar removal in West Delhi.


Acne brings various skin complications including pain, inflammation and poor appearance of the face. These symptoms occur when acne is present on the skin. However, even after having enough treatment for acne, most patients left with acne scars. These scars harm confidence and look of the person. Medical science is continuously searching for new and effective techniques for removing acne scars. From the home remedies for removing acne scars to Laser therapy and surgery, technology has evolved to find a better option for removal of acne scar. It is to be noted that not all techniques and strategies may be effective for all the patients. If you are suffering from acne scar, you should consult a dermatologist who is experienced in acne scar removal in West Delhi.

Home Skincare

Using home remedies is the first step towards scar-free skin. Home remedies are quite effective in lightening the scars, however, in many cases, they do not completely remove the scars. Hydrating properties and presence of Vitamin A, C, and magnesium in cucumber, help to reduce the scar. Lemon, Honey, and Aloe Vera have excellent moisturizing properties. Sugar scrub helps to remove the dead cells and accelerates the growth of new skin. Massage with coconut oil also helps scar helping due to the presence of vitamins, and essential fatty acids.

Skin Grafting

It is one of the initial methods for scar removal and currently used for scar removal. This process involves the use of skin to fill the scarred area. A small layer of skin is taken from a hidden area and grafted on the acne scar. Generally, the skin is taken from behind the ear. This method is used in cases where the acne has caused a large dent. This method can also be used with other methods such as dermabrasions.


Dermabrasion is an effective method to treat acne scar. This method requires a considerable period to show expected results. The method is generally used in people with fair skin and using this method in people with darker skin may lead to scarring or discoloration. In this method, the dermatologist “sands” the skin with a special instrument to remove the skin with a scar. This allows the new and clear skin to grow. Another less invasive technique is microdermabrasion in which tiny crystals are used, in place of the instrument, for exfoliation.

Punch Excisions

Punch excision is the process of removing the scarred skin. This technique is used in the case of bumpy scars. Punch excision is done with each scar thereby leaving various holes depending upon the number of scars. The holes created with punch excision are filled either through stitches or through skin grafting. Stitching is a more preferred way to heal the holes. This technique is rarely used in the removal of scar tissue. 

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is generally done in case of light scars. The top layer of the scar is removed by applying various chemicals.  The level of strength of treatment decides the side effects of this treatment. With more strong treatment, the patient experience redness and peeling effect. Uniform-tone skin and less visibility of scars are the outcomes experienced by the patient after healing. 

Soft Tissue Fillers

Soft tissue filling is a temporary method to improve the skin’s appearance. The method is relatively inexpensive and minimally invasive. In this method, various fillers are injected into the scars through a needle that either fills out the acne scar or stretch the skin, leading to less visible scars. As the method provides temporary invisibility of scar, it is used periodically. Initially, there was a risk of allergic reactions due to these fillers but with the evolution of technology, the risk of allergic reaction is drastically reduced.

Needling Or Rolling

Needling or rolling is an effective and simple method for treating acne scar. Dermatologist rolls a needle-stuffed device on the scar tissue. This result in the activation of new cell growth due to stimulation of underlying tissue. The treatment is required to be repeated a few times to obtain the desired results.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a modern method of acne scar removal. It is a highly effective method which requires relatively lesser time to obtain optimum results. The reason for this is that this technique does not damage the outer layer of skin; rather it targets the dented skin cells of the inner layer. After the dented cells are removed, a wound is created. Body, in response to a wound, starts producing collagen, resulting in replacement of older cells with new cells.

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