Should you pop pimples? – Listen from the Dermatologist in Janakpuri

Pimples are unavoidable at some stage of our life. We see people complain of pimples when they eat certain kinds of foods, when they are overly exposed to dust or smoke, women when they are nearing their mensuration, when they switch to a different unsuitable substance to their skin, etc. The dermatologist in Janakpuri says, commonly pimples are as a result of excessive oil production, excessive hormonal production, hair follicles being clogged by oil and dead skin cells or development of bacteria.

Whatever the reason could be, we hate pimples as they destroy the beauty of our face. When a pimple appears out, we tend to check out its appearance in the mirror several times and finally somehow we pinch it and break it. Have you noticed a whitish fluid that comes out of a pimple, once you pop it?

Pimples appear with pus

Pimples with pus appear from both inflammation and as an immune response. The dermatologist in Janakpuri explains that pimple pus is made from oil, dead skin cells, debris and bacteria that get trapped in your skin holes. When the pimples are proactive and inflammatory, your immune system gets activated in this area that results in noticeable pus, or whitish fluid inside the pimple. As the inflammation improves, the pus filled pimples will also improve and go down gradually.

What happens when you pop pimples?

It is so well understandable why we tend to pop pimples. It is because we want the pimples to go off from our eye-site very soon. But, we are not doing the right thing by popping the pimples sooner than the time they take to go off by their own.

According to the dermatologist in Janakpuri, here are the consequences of popping pimples –

  • Increased swelling and redness at the pimple site, than it was before
  • The bacteria inside the pimple can spread around and cause more infection
  • Erupted pus will get spread to near skin and lead to more pimples
  • Open wound is exposed to germs and would cause severe infection
  • The healing time of wounded scabs is higher than you letting the pus to settle by its own
  • Pimple scars are very difficult to treat; they take years to fade away and need additional treatment
  • Dark marks or discoloration of the skin is left in the place of popped pimples

Popping, breaking, squeezing or your any other attempt to remove pimples and not letting them to heal naturally is definitely not the right way of treating the pimples.

How do you treat pimples?

Pimples, when given the right treatment will start to disappear on their own. You may see first the pus disappears, then the redness in the pimple site and gradually overall pimple lesions lessen. Above everything else, you must keep your hands away from the pimple and control your urge to pop or squeeze out the pus.

You may heard from your mothers and grandmothers many home remedies for treating pimples. Lavender oil, fish oil, tea tree oil, probiotics, zinc supplements, etc. are few ingredients of such home remedies. One may get over-the-counter medications without consulting any specialists to cure the troubling pimples. The dermatologist in Janakpuri knows well the secrets of long-trusted ingredients and prescribes oral and topical medications and therapies to cure your pimples effectively and even quicker.

Retinoids and retinoid-like drugs, antibiotics, salicylic acid and azelaic acid, dapsone, etc. are commonly recommended topical medications by the dermatologists. Oral antibiotics, combined oral contraceptives, anti-androgen agents, isotretinoin, etc. are commonly recommended oral medications to treat pimples. At few occasions dermatologists would also give you recommendations for therapies such as steroid injections, lasers and photodynamic therapies, etc. Only the specialists would be able to assess your severity and requirement of the effective treatment.

You may not choose to visit a specialist if you are just having one or few pimples. Maintaining the pimple site clean, avoiding frequent touching or squeezing by hands and trying out home remedies would be helpful at these occasions. However, if pimples are bothering you too much and you feel it is uncontrollable, it is always advisable to visit a specialist. The dermatologist in Janakpuri, not only gives the effective treatment, but also would give adequate support to fully overcome the problem with his experience and specialized service.

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