Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an effective technique to remove all unwanted hair from the body. It has become a much sought after procedure for combating unwanted hair growth in the past twenty years. With the introduction of this technology in the mid-1990s, the way that we groom has changed. Today, we shall attempt to answer all laser hair removal related queries.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

For majority patients, laser hair removal is not painful. However, it is all dependent upon the patient’s pain threshold. At most, the patient may feel a stinging sensation on the skin during treatment. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the discomfort, including use of cold packs.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

The U.S F.D.A approved it as a safe method for hair removal in 1997. However, the procedure is deemed safe as long as a licensed technician performs it. The patient’s skin might appear red or light pink after the treatment, but the redness will go in sometime.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal involves the use of laser pulses that emit light into the skin, destroying the pigment in the root and follicle of the hair. Energy in the form of heat is generated at the root of the hair. With the root and follicle destroyed, hair can no longer grow. For the success of treatment, hair must be targeted during an active growth phase. Since individual hairs grow at different rates, it takes a varied number of treatment sessions to capture every hair in the growth phase and produce optimal results.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of this procedure varies depending upon the area of the body requiring treatment. The larger the area, the more time and investment it will require. Laser hair removal is far more affordable than committing to a lifetime of waxing, shaving, and purchasing depilatory creams.

How much time is required to carry out the laser hair removal process?

The time required for laser hair reduction will depend upon the density of the hair growth and area to be treated. Areas such as underarms, face, and chin may take as little as 15 minutes or less, whereas the areas of chest, back, and legs will take some hours to finish. This is not a single sitting procedure and can take several sittings.

When can I expect to see results from laser hair removal?

After the first successful procedure, hair growth will start reducing gradually over the next few months. As is required, dermatologists suggest multiple sittings to remove the hair permanently.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last?

Some patients see permanent results, while some may need a follow-up session every six to twelve months. Results vary depending on the patient’s hair type and skin. Once a hair follicle is destroyed, it will never produce hair again. Any remaining hair follicles will subsequently produce hairs that are lighter and thinner, requiring lesser attention than before. New hair follicles may form over time as a result of ageing, hormonal changes, and individual genetics. For these reasons, some patients schedule touch-up treatments to maintain their results.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Laser Hair Removal?

There is no specific age minimum, but it is important to wait until the patient has gone through puberty to begin laser treatments.

How Do You Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Patients are asked to avoid plucking, waxing, and tanning for two weeks prior to their first treatment. A bath and shave right is advisable before treatment, but any lotions, moisturizers, or sunscreens are to be avoided at that point.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal done if Pregnant?

It is best to avoid laser hair removal while you’re pregnant. While there is no evidence to suggest that it is unsafe, there have not been long-term studies to analyze the effect of laser on an unborn child. Patients are advised to wait and get laser treatment done only after delivery

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal on Any Part of the Body?

Laser removal can be performed on any area of the body except the eyelids and under eye region. The usual treatment areas are the legs, back, arms, chest, upper lip, underarms, and bikini area. The patient can also get laser hair removal on their ears, nose, scalp, forehead, eyebrows, and other parts of the face.

Can Anybody Get Laser Hair Removal?

Regardless of skin color or hair type, anyone can get laser hair removal done. However, people with lighter skin and darker hair tend to see faster and better results than people with lighter hair or a darker skin tone.

Are There Side Effects to Laser Hair Removal?

One of the primary benefits of laser hair removal is that the side effects are minimal. For some, there is temporary redness, itching, and swelling of the skin right after treatment. These usually subside within a few hours, and most can be soothed by applying a dermatologist prescribed formulation to the treated area.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sittings Does One Need to Get?

In most cases, patients need between six and twelve treatments, spaced out four to eight weeks apart. The waiting period is a must so as to target every hair follicle when it’s in active growth cycle. Usually, results will be seen in 6-8 treatments, though this number will vary based on skin tone and hair color.

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Best Laser Hair Removal Machine For Indian Skin

GME (German Medical Engineering) hair removal devices use a technology known as “linear scanning” in which a small laser beam is scanned across the treatment area. This process is similar to a photocopy machine. The advantage of this technology is to combine high fluence and short pulses with a large spot size.

Lighter hair requires higher fluence than dark or black hair since less laser light will be absorbed. Short pulses are necessary to remove fine hair otherwise the heat generated by the laser light will diffuse to the surrounding skin. For high fluence in a short time duration your laser has to be powerful. To be precise, it must have a certain power density which is measured in watt per centimeter square.

Thick hair can be removed with almost any laser. At least 300 watts per centimeter square are necessary i.e. 30 joules in 1 hundred milliseconds. For the removal of medium thickness hair here 1000 watt per centimeter square are required i.e. 30Joule per centimeter square have to be applied in 30 milliseconds pulse duration.

For the removal of fine hair pulse duration should be 10 milliseconds or less. 3,000 watt per centimeter square are necessary for removal of very fine brown, blonde hair.

There are many different diode lasers on the market separated in four classes. Lasers that are powerful enough to remove fine hair but have rather small spot sizes.Laser that have a large spot but not the power to remove medium or fine hair.Lasers which use a lot of total power and lasers using their own special technique for hair removal.

Lin Scan combines large treatment areas with high power density. This is possible due to the linear scanning technology that LinScanis able to remove fine hair in patients with dark skin.

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Laser Hair Removal For Darker Skin

Laser Hair Removal

LinScan Laser Hair Removal solution for treating darker skin types.

Just a few years ago LHR was seen as an option only for high-profile or financially blessed people and not for the common person. The first generation of LHR machines were primarily effective oncertain skin and hair types. Patients with darker skins have been limited with laser hair removal treatments. The challenge with many devices is that they are not versatile meaning they caneither be used only for skin types 1234 or only skin types 5 and 6. In the past cost time and pain involved also did notalways equate to what patients envisioned. Because of the young technology many potential patients just wouldn’t risk spending money on something that wouldn’t work on their particular skin type.

Those days are over.

Introducing LinScan (Clear + Brilliant Pelo in USA) the game changer in laser hair removal. It combines first-in-class linear scanning with advanced technology to effectively treat patients of all skin types.The linear scanning uses a diode laser beam to scan the chosen skin area selectively treating hair follicles without injuring the surrounding skin.

TheLinScan (Clear +Brilliant Pelo in USA) laser beam features high power density allowing for high fluences in short pulses. Therefore, resulting in a remarkably effective treatment regardless of the patient’s skin or hairtype. Whetherit’s a fair skinned blonde with fine hair or an Asian with darker or thicker hair LinScan’s (Clear + PrilliantPelo in USA) intuitive technology suggests predetermined yet customizable settings for each patient’s individual needs.These predetermined settings have been customized based on years of clinician experience and publications so whatever the skin type, whatever the hair texture, desired results can be achieved. It’s an extremely fast treatment & coversa large area in a small amount of time. With its integrated contact cooling system LinScanoffers a minimally painful experience.

We Can Deliver The Results That Every Patient Of Lhr Has Been Waiting For.

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Laser Hair Removal for Hirsutism in Delhi

Laser Hair Removal for Hirsutism in Delhi


Hirsutism is excessive growth of dark, thick and coarse hair in a female in a male pattern. If the excessive hair is generalised and not in a gender specific pattern, the term is ‘hypertrichosis’, which means increased (‘hyper’) hair (‘trichosis’).

Hirsutism is caused by an increased androgen (male hormones) production, or increased skin sensitivity to androgens, or both. In premenopausal women, most common cause of hirsutism is polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Treatments for hirsutism without any underlying cause include:


  • Shaving. Stubble that follows regrowth may be undesirable and frequent shaving may irritate the skin.
  • Waxing should be used with caution on the face. Folliculitis and scarring can occur.
  • Depilatories creams dissolve hair shafts, may irritate your skin. First test your skin with the product to prevent allergy.
  • Bleaching creams make the dark hairs pale. They may irritate the skin and can be unsuitable for dark skin.

Physical treatments

  • Electrolysis. An electrical current is passed into a hair follicle through a needle to destroy the hair root permanently.
  • Laser treatments destroy the hair root permanently. Possible side effects include redness, darkening or lightening of the skin, and scarring. Total compliance is required; this will include no sun bathing (or fake tanning) and cessation of all forms of hair removal, with the exception of shaving.

Medical treatments

  • Eflornithine cream. works by slowing hair growth.
  • Anti-androgens block the action of the androgens that cause hirsutism.
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Blackheads on Nose (Trichostasis Spinulosa)

Laser Hair Removal

TRICHOSTASIS SPINULOSA (TS) is a common disorder characterized retention of multiple hairs within pilosebaceous follicleson the nose. They appear like blackheads, but multiple (5 to 40) fine hairs are demonstrated when examined with a hand lens. Possible causes include abnormalities of the follicular unit, preventing expulsion of the hair and entrapment of hair.

Condition is asymptomatic, but patients seek treatment because of the cosmetic reasons.Patients are bothered by roughness and dark plugs of the skin of nose. Moisturizers, keratolytics, depilatories, and tretinoin, offers some degree of symptomatic temporary relief. These therapies are ineffective because they fail to alter the structural disorder of the follicle. Permanent removal of the abnormal hair follicles by Laser Hair Removal may provide a definite cure for this skin condition. Pulsed diode laser is a safe and long-term effective treatment for TS. The smooth skin surface produced after laser hair removal treatment offers a cosmetic benefit in addition to the actual loss of the dark spots on nose.

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Laser Hair Removal In Delhi For Pilonidal Disease

Pilonidal Disease

Pilonidal Disease is a common chronic condition characterized by cyst /abscess or sinus formation in the gluteal and natal cleft region. It is commonly seen sacrococcygeal area of males in the 15-25age group be cause of hairy lower back, buttocks and supra anal region.The initial phase presents with cyst/abscess whereas chronic phase has intermittently secreting fistula.

One treatment option of pilonidal sinus is complete surgical excision of the whole tract. A major challenge post-surgery is to prevent recurrence from excessive hairs that break and get embedded into the skin of the natal cleft region.

Depilatory methods such as hair removal creams, shaving etc., are useful to prevent recurrence, but it’s extremely bothersome to do them regularly at this relatively inaccessible area. Blade shaving is convenient, but difficult as the area is not easy to shave and can cause nicks and cuts. Most people stop maintaining regular hair removal and area hygiene leading to recurrence.

60–80% reduction in hair growth at 12 month scan be expected with LASER HAIR REDUCTION. Multiple treatments are needed to progressively increase the hair-free period between treatments. Complications are few, but patients may experience discomfort during LHR, particularly around the anal orifice as it is an extremely sensitive area. Topical anesthesia cream application prior to the procedure reduces the pain.Temporary changes in pigmentation can occur.

Laser hair removal is a useful adjunct to surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus to prevent recurrence, which usually happens if the hairs are not taken care of. The hair may not go completely after LHR but are converted into thin light hair that do not get embedded in the skin.

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The solution to permanent hair removal from dermatologist in dwarka

laser hair removal in Dwarka

In the yesteryears body was not an issue for most people, but with time as people became conscious of how they look, they realized that removing body hair helped them to improve their appearance. They began to understand the value having that flawless silky smooth skin every time they step out. With time there were many tried and tested methods which people used for the removal of body hair, such as shaving, waxing and the use of an epilator. But these are all temporary methods of hair removal, and even though it may give you a few days of relief from having to see the hair growing on your body, you will have to go through the routine of having to remove them, on a frequent basis.

This is why laser treatment for the removal of body hair has become so popular, because with multiple session, laser treatment reduceyour hair growth to almost zero, and you will be saved from the trouble of having to undergo various other treatments in order to keep removing your body hair from time to time.

Why you should choose laser hair removal:

Most people are always left wondering if laser hair removal method is superior to the more conventional methods such as shaving and waxing. And the answer is yes, it is more effective than these methods especially when it is carried out by a dermatologist in Dwarka. This is because, one, it is a more permanent method of hair removal, two, it’s definitely more cost effective, three its time saving and four it’s painless and hassle free. All of the above mentioned factors are what’s pushing more and more women to opt for laser treatment as the preferred method of hair removal. It has revolutionized the way women deal with body hair, and although the effectiveness and safety of the laser hair removal has been well established, how well you, as an individual respond to the treatment depends on several factors, which include:

Hair color:

Although skin color doesn’t affect the way laser hair removal in Dwarka works the color of your hair does play a role. Because laser treatment targets the pigment called melanin which is present in our skin and hair, and is what gives the color to our hair skin. Therefore the growth of black/brown can be easily reduced with about 6 sessions whereas white/blonde hair is more difficult to deal with, and we cannot guarantee a permanent reduction and how many sessions will be involved for this.

The region of your body:

The effectiveness of laser treatment for removal of body hair also depends on the area of your body you are targeting. Some of the more common places where people prefer to have the hair permanently removed includes the upper lip, face, bikini line, underarms, arms and legs and back, and sideburns in women, as well as chest and back in men. Underarm and bikini line hair are more easily treated than facial hair which takes up to about 6 sessions to be treated effectively.

Patience is required:

When you plan to undergo laser hair removal treatment you need to be patient. Because the desired result cannot be achieved immediately with this. After the first session you may experience some swelling and redness in the region where the laser was applied which will only last for a couple of days. Following this only about 20% of hair will be permanently destroyed whereas the rest of it will slowly grow back over a period of 4 to 6 weeks after which time you will be asked to come for your next session.

The availability of home devices:

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to get it done in the privacy of your home rather than multiple visits to the dermatologist, home devices are also available for us when it comes to laser hair removal. Although they may be slower than the professional ones used in dermatological clinics, they have been approved by the FDA and are now considered safe and effective.

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All you need to know about Laser Treatment for removing body hair

Skin specialist in Dwarka

Dealing with facial and body hair on a frequent basis is something that most people find very annoying. If you are the person who loves to step out with that silky smooth, flawless looking skin, then you have obviously researched the various methods of hair removal no end, and are definitely curious to know more about Laser hair removal in Dwarka. We are going to be talking about laser treatment, and hope it answers all your questions!

Why you should choose laser treatment?

Most people are always pondering if laser treatment is a superior method of hair removal compared to the more traditional methods of razor, ready-made wax strips or waxing at the salon. Well, it is considered superior to the other methods, especially when it’s done by one of the best dermatologist in Dwarka, because, one, it is a more permanent method of hair removal, two, it’s definitely more cost effective, and three its time saving.

All these three factors are what’s pushing more and more women to opt for laser treatment in the recent times. And since it tends to stop your hair growth permanently or at least slow down the rate of hair growth considerable, you can go on for long periods of time without having to worry about shaving or waxing.

This will also save you the cost of multiple trips to the salon, for waxing and therefore is considered a worthwhile investment in the long run. With laser treatment, you will be saved the hassle and embarrassment of walking out with underarm stubble or a fluffy moustache on days when you just don’t feel like going through the trouble of removing your body hair.

What does laser treatment involve?

It’s a type of treatment where dermatologists use laser light to target a pigment known as melanin in our skin, which is buried deep within the hair follicle. When this pigment is heated up using laser light, it tends to damage the root of the hair follicle either completely or partially. This will then either eliminate your hair growth or dramatically reduce the rate of growth.

This treatment of damaging the root of the hair follicle cannot be achieved with a single session and will require multiple session of treatment in order to achieve the desired result. But you will be amazed at the end of it, how smooth and flawless your skin feels.

Is it equally effective in everyone?

Laser treatment can be carried out on everyone and for all skin types. But since it targets the pigment called melanin, it works well on those with light skin and dark hair. Because these people tend to have small amounts of melanin which is buried deep within the hair follicle. In those with darker skin, there is more melanin, which is present even in the top layers of the skin, so these top layers get heated during the laser treatment, it can sometimes burn the skin, and be less effective.

It must also be stated that laser treatment works best in some areas of the body, such as the legs, underarms and bikini, than in other areas such as the arms and face. This is due to the difference in the texture of the hair, as the latter contains thinner, softer hair, which is difficult to treat.

How often should laser treatment be done?

In order to complete your treatment with laser, you will mostprobably need between 5-10 sessions. Its, again dependent on the areas of your body which you want the treatment for. For your under arms and legs, it’s going to take fewer sessions than for your arms and face. Once the treatment has been completed, hair growth may be completely eliminated in some areas, but you may have certain areas where there is slow hair growth, and these will require occasional, additional sessions in order to clear them up completely.

Initially your sessions will be placed about once a month, or sometimes a little sooner like once in 2-3 weeks. And then it will slow down to about 4-6 week intervals, in order to keep up with the slow hair growth. You will be able to shave any hair that is growing back during these intervals.

Preparing for laser treatment:

In order to have optimal results, you should shave prior to having laser treatment, because the heat will then reach the base of the follicle effectively. But avoiding waxing is recommended. And in-between sessions you should try and avoid excessive sun exposure as this can darken your skin and increase the chances of your skin getting burnt.

What are the different types of lasers which are available?

The most common type used is the light sheer diode laser, which can be used across many skin types and is the preferred type amongst dermatologists. The other type is the long pulsed Nd:Yag laser, which is preferred for dark skin.

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Additional benefits of laser hair removal you should know about

Laser hair removal in Dwarka, skin specialist in Dwarka

What you know about laser hair removal:

Most of us are already aware that laser hair removal in Dwarka has been in the scene of beauty and healthcare for a long time, and everyone knows that’s it’s a great way of removing hair in the bikini line, under arms and legs. Although a lot of people were skeptical regarding the use of this method, of late more and more people are adapting it as they have begun to realize that, it is not only effective as a method of permanent hair removal, but they also understand that it much more cost effective for them in the long run.

People have also gained the awareness that there are no health related risks and side effects associated with this method of hair removal, because it does not even damage the surrounding skin, around the area in which you are getting the hair removed. But in addition to these benefits, there is so much more that laser hair removal can offer for both men and women, especially when carried out by a skin specialist in Dwarka, in terms of facial hair removal, and here we are going to take a look at what they are.

It’s great for sensitive skin:

Those who have sensitive skin, especially, skin on the face that tends to break out with pimples and various other rashes at the touch of some irritant, would understand the trouble of having to shave and remove their facial hair on a regular basis. Not all of the products available in the market are designed for sensitive and even those that claim to be designed for it, are not all that comfortable to be used. So it can be quite a task to get around to doing this regularly, and a lot of you must not be looking forward to it.

This is where laser hair removal can be of great help to you. Because laser hair removal is designed for all skin types and is equally effective on sensitive skin, without giving rise to any irritation. You may have to go through some discomfort during the procedure, but this will soon pass, and you will be left with skin that is completely hair free, without the need for any more treatment.

Helps you avoid cuts:

This is something that most men experience, while shaving their face at least a couple of times a week. Although most of these cuts are superficial and minor ones, there can be timeswhen you are rushed for time, that you end up cutting yourself quite badly. And these can be quite deep and bleed heavily, and also take a long time to heal. It may even end up leaving a scar on occasion. When you acquire cuts while shaving, you also run the risk of these cuts getting infected, which can be troublesome.

With laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself while shaving, because you will not have to shave frequently again, as it tends to reduce your facial hair by about 80%, and leaves your face almost hair free.

Reduces acne:

This is a problem faced by most women who tend to wax their face in an effort to get rid of facial hair. The wax, tends to clog up your pored and then you end up have an acne breakout. These can be quite painful and uncomfortable, as well distressing to step out with. All of these problems tend to be non-existent when you attempt removal of facial hair using laser treatment.

These are the reasons why you should be using laser treatment for removal of your facial hair, and not just for your legs, underarms and bikini line.

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Answers to permanent removal of body hair

laser hair removal in Dwarka

Growth of body hair:

When it comes to body hair, different people have different perspectives to it. Some people who are into body hair, don’t have a problem with it, but those who are aren’t, have a problem with stepping out without having that perfectly flawless skin, minus the body hair.

For some people, it’s the problem of having too much body hair, that grows to soon and even body hair that is coarse in texture. All of these leads them to look for various methods of hair removal, but for almost everyone the best solution would be if they could find a permanent solution to their problems. And laser treatment for hair removal has evolved as the answer to their problems.

Because, it’s not easy to be shaving or waxing the various parts of your body on a daily or weekly basis and or paying a visit to your salon every week to get your body waxed. People become tired of these routines, and would prefer to have a less time consuming, less painful, and cost effective method of hair removal presented to them. And this is exactly what laser hair removal in Janakpuri has become.

Laser hair removal treatment :

This is the latest method of body hair removal that everyone is turning to, both males and females. Because it promises to be a method that permanentlystops hair growth and makes you not have to worry about hair growth in the different parts of your body.

Laser treatment includes a method called selective photo thermolysis, where laser light is optimally targeted to a certain area of your body and, and the hair follicles in this are heated and the root of the hair follicle is damaged as a result of this heat. There is no effect of this light to the surrounding areas of the body and no lasting effect on the skin other than the damaged hair follicle.

It is becoming increasingly popular because it’s a quick method, and you will be able to see results after the very first session, although the growth does not stop immediately, but you will be able to witness a reduction in the rate of growth of the hair. Therefore it is considered an effective method as well.

How does it compare with other traditional methods?

Most people have gotten used to removing body hair using the traditional methods such as shaving or waxing. But these do tend to come with their own problems as well.

For example laser treatment is better off when compared to shaving with the razor, because shaving is a very temporary method of hair removal, and you will be able to see a stubble growing back the very next day after shaving, and shaving also leaves your skin red and irritated for a few hours afterwards, which is dead giveaway.

When talking about waxing, it tends to be painful, when you have to pull the wax off your body, and again it’s not permanent methods when compared to laser.

What are the different types of laser treatments?

There are many different types such as Ruby, Argon and so on. These very in the pulse width and spot size that is used during the treatment and are used for different skin types. Pulse width refers to the amount of heat and the duration that the heat is applied for, because it directly related to the amount of damage that is done to the hair follicle. The spot size determines the depth of penetration of heat.

People with darker skin require more heat and deeper penetration, which means that the process will be slightly more painful for them, and the process of epidermal cooling is being used to reduce this effect on such skin, where they use circulating cryogen spray and water to help cool the skin.

The benefits of laser hair removal:

Even though it may seem like a long and complicated process, most people have realized the benefits of this type of hair removal, and are opting for it more and more. These benefits include:

  • Speed – laser hair removal is faster than other methods, although the speed is dependent on the part of the body on which the treatment is being done.
  • Precise – in the hands of a skin specialist in Janakpuri, laser treatment is precise, because it does not harm the surrounding skin in any way.
  • Safe – it is a safe method without any lasting side effects when carried out by an experience skin specialist is Janakpuri.
  • Side-effects – laser treatments does not have any Sid effects such as in-grown hair or skin darkening like some of the other methods.
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Laser Hair Reduction

laser hair removal in Dwarka

While it doesn’t pose any health risks unwanted facial and body hair is embarrassing- especially for women. Laser hair reduction is a technique for getting rid of unwanted hair. During LHR, a laser light passes through the skin to the black colored roots of your hair. The rootsabsorb the laser beam, get heated up and thereby destroying the hair.

Asclepion Mediostar Next Pro Diode Laser

810 nm Diode laser is the GOLD STANDARD for laser hair reduction.

Pain Factor

When laser shots are given, one feels a mild discomfort akin to warm sensation in areas with thin hair or pin- prick sensation in other areas where the hairs are thick and coarse.

Sessions Requirement

Minimum 8sessions are recommended for up to 80% hair reduction.

Possible Side Effects

If the procedure is done properly, following recommended guidelines, no adverse effects are experienced.

Precautions Before And After The Procedure

Hair Removal: Patients must stop waxing, tweezing and threading 2 weeks prior to treatment.

Sun protection: Sunscreen (SPF 30+) application is advised to protect the treated area from direct sun exposure.

Mositurise: Moisturize your skin regularly, as dry skin is more prone to irritation.

What To Expect After The Treatment?

Reduction Of Hair Growth

Around 60-80% hair reduction is expected after 6-8 sessions. With every subsequent session hair density is reduced. Coarse pigmented hairs turn into fine, thin and light coloured.

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Things You Should Know When Getting Laser Hair Removal In West Delhi

Laser hair removal in Dwarka, skin specialist in Dwarka

Laser hair removal is one of the best options for removing unwanted wanted hairs. The technique is most common in metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other cities. Laser hair removal in West Delhi is done by using advanced techniques which offer the best results with minimum discomfort.

Why Should I Opt For Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is the new technique for removing the unwanted hairs. These hairs disrupt the cosmetic and aesthetic look of the person and thus, to be removed. Advanced laser hair removal technique offers various advantages over conventional processes of hair removal. With the conventional methods such as shaving, waxing, tweezing, threading and epilating are effective but have more side effects as compared to laser hair removal procedure. Further, the frequency of repeating the conventional procedures are too high as compared to laser hair removal. Further, laser hair removal protects the patient from various side effects of conventional therapy such as shaving rashes and pilonidal sinuses which occurs unabashedly in both male and female. Laser hair removal therapy also prevents boils and abscesses occurring due to ingrown hairs.

Who Are The Candidates For Undergoing Laser Hair Removal?

The best candidate for undergoing laser hair removal are:

  • You have light skin and dark hair: In the laser hair removal process, doctor target a substance is called melanin. This substance present in both dark and light hair. Peoples who have light skin and dark hair are a good candidate for laser hair removal. 
  • You have a large area for treatment: Laser hair removal treatment required a large area for the treatment because it is a fast process. To treat a small area the person may opt for other options.
  • You able to handle some discomfort: The laser hair removal process is not a pain-free process.In some clinics, doctors inject some pain relief medication to make this procedure easy.
  • You able to afford the treatment: Laser hair removal process needed a multiple session over a longer period, which probably makes this process costly.
  • When you want long term hair removal results: Laser hair removal treatment is best for those people who do not want a short period result of hair removal methods. This procedure gives a long term result of hair removal.

What Are The Areas Where Laser Hair Removal Is Generally Done?

Laser hair removal process work on any part of the body where you need to remove hair. But laser hair removal process givesthe best result on body areas such as lips, underarms, chin and bikini up.

What Is The Process Of Laser Hair Removal?

The laser hair removal process requires a series of five to ten sessions.

  • Before performing this procedure, the doctor will apply local anesthetic on the skin where treatment is done. 
  • After this doctor presses a hand-held laser instrument on the skin.
  • During this procedure, a cooling device or a cooling gel is used to protect the skin.
  • After this doctor will switch-onthe laser instrument and a laser beam is passed through the hair follicles.
  • Heat which produces from laser damage the hair follicle that inhibits the growth of hair.
  • This process takes a few minutes when the treatment is doneon a small area such as upper lips. When this process is performed on a large area such as the back, this can take more than one hour.

Do Laser Hair Removal Hurts?

Yes, the hair removal process causes little pain and tingling sensation. This process is done by producing a laser on the skin. With laser beam, intense heat is produced which causes damage in hair follicles by inhibiting the growth of hair. During this procedure, you feel some discomfort such as warm pinprick and feel a cool sensation because of the cooling device.

What Is The Average Number Of Sessions Required For Laser Hair Removal Process?

Usually, the laser hair removal process required five to seven sessions. The average number of sessions depends on the area being treated. Commonly face and underarm required more sessions of this treatment.The duration between each session depends on the area where this treatment is performed.

What Is The Possible Side Effects And Risks Related To Laser Hair Removal?

Although the process is highly safe, some people may experience certain side effects such as:

  • Eye injury
  • Skin color change
  • Increasedrisk of skin infection
  • Crusting
  • Redness and irritation

Some rare side effects which cause in some peoples after a laser hair removal treatmentare:

  • Burns and blisters
  • Scars

What Is The Average Rate Of Success Of Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal treatment is usually effective on 80% to 90% people. For obtaining the best results from laser hair removal treatment, you need to take multiple sessions of this procedure.

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